Nhung bong hong co gai cua quan doi cac nuoc

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Du chiem ty le khong cao trong quan doi, cac nuoc tren the gioi deu phai cong nhan rang cac nu binh si dang dong gop mot phan rat lon vao viec gin giu, bao ve va chien dau cho toan ven cua quoc gia.

The United States plans to lift its ban on women serving in front-line combat positions, which dates back to 1994, a senior US defense official said Wednesday. Women are currently barred from serving in the infantry, artillery, tank and other special units in the United States. Despite the ban, ever more military commanders from around the world admit that female soldiers make a great contribution

My hom qua tuyen bo bo lenh cam nu gioi tham chien o chien truong, von duoc dua ra tu nam 1994. Cac nu binh si My lau nay bi cam phuc vu trong bo binh, phao binh, tang binh va cac don vi dac biet khac cua My.

In Russia, women can also enlist voluntarily. Most often they serve as civilian personnel, or as officers, sergeants or soldiers on a contract basis.

O Nga, gia nhap quan doi la khong bat buoc doi voi phu nu. Hau het ho la quan nhan dan su, hoac la cac si quan, ha si quan...

Foe example, North Korean women are allowed to enlist in the army voluntarily, which gives them the advantage of an earlier admission into the Workers’ Party. Women, like men, serve four years and can enlist at the age of 16.

Phu nu o Trieu Tien cung duoc phep tong quan tren tinh than tu nguyen. Dieu nay la loi the giup ho som duoc ket nap vao dang Lao dong. Giong nhu nam gioi, ho phuc vu trong quan doi 4 nam va co the ghi ten nhap ngu khi du 16 tuoi.

Hundreds of women serve in the Iraqi military. Many of them were trained by Jordan

Co hang tram phu nu trong quan doi Iraq. Nhieu nguoi trong so ho do Jordan dao tao. Ho thuc hien nhiem vu chien dau va tuan tra cac thanh pho cung nam gioi.

Israel is one of the few states where military service is mandatory for women. Every third person serving in the Israeli army is female. Women serve as drivers, nurses, radio operators, airline operators and instructors. They are not involved in direct combat barring emergencies, such as wars.

Israel la mot trong so it quoc gia tren the gioi quy dinh nghia vu quan su bat buoc doi voi phu nu. Mot phan ba so quan nhan cua Israel la nu gioi. Ho lai xe, lam y ta, truc tong dai, dieu phoi hang khong. Ho khong duoc tham chien truc tiep trong cac truong hop khan cap nhu chien tranh.

Female officers served in Serbia in late 20th – early 21st century

Cac nu binh si o Serbia chuan bi mot hoat dong luyen tap.

The French Army is the most feminized in Europe, with women accounting for 14 percent of military personnel

Quan doi Phap "nu tinh" nhat chau Au, voi 14% quan nhan la nu gioi.

Over 300,000 women serve in the Chinese military. A museum based on Hainan Island is dedicated to women who fought in China during the Japanese occupation

Co hon 300.000 nu quan nhan dang phuc vu trong quan doi Trung Quoc. Tai dao Hai Nam, co mot bao tang danh rieng de ton vinh nhung phu nu da chien dau trong cuoc chien tranh chong thuc dan Nhat.

In Mexico women are also allowed to enlist voluntarily.

Tai Mexico, phu nu duoc tu nguyen ghi ten nhap ngu.

Female soldiers in Colombia can compete with any man.

Cac nu binh si cua Colombia co the dau voi bat cu nam gioi nao.

Mongolian female soldiers

Quan nhan Mong Co mang net dep sac sao.

Female soldiers in Nepal

Cac nu binh si Nepal. Ty le nu gioi trong quan doi o cac nuoc khong giong nhau, tuy nhien, cac so lieu cho thay so luong nay tang deu trong nhung nam qua.
"Nhung bong hong co gai" cua quan doi cac nuoc
Duoc tham gia vao luc luong quan doi la mot vinh hanh lon o Thai Lan, dac biet voi phu nu.

Anh Ngoc

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